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Our photographers are fluent in the language of storytelling. What more extraordinary tale to tell than the love story of your wedding day?

We will capture the moments of pure love with no alteration or interference.

Your big day can be stressful. Therefore, it is important that you find a photographer you connect with. Choose Your Photography will help you discover the perfect photographer to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Capturing the raw emotion and beauty of your wedding.

Love is love. We cater to everyone’s needs. Whether you require gay or Asian wedding photography, we are there to ensure your dream day is as perfect as you imagined.

Through candid imagery, you will receive beautiful and honest shots you can hold dear forever.

Ready to capture your special moments? Contact us today to discuss your photographic needs, request a quote or schedule a consultation.

We look forward to bringing your vision to life!

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Frequently Asked Wedding Photography Questions

Wedding photography prices vary from each photographer. However, the average cost in the UK is between £2000 - £2500. This usually covers the hours worked on the day; photo editing; and your finished wedding album.

You will find options for budget wedding photography packages, if you are looking to reduce costs.

It is always best to view the prices for photography as an investment. Whilst most items bought for your big day our temporary, your pictures can last a lifetime.

Typically, you can expect to receive your photos within 4-12 weeks.

A lot of time goes into editing and post-production work. Photographers put as much love into their art as the happy couple share with each other. Art takes time and to receive a wedding album that you can forever cherish, this time is necessary.

This style of photography captures the day as it naturally unfolds. The photographer will not intervene or stage images. They will simply use their observant and creative eye to snap those precious moments without interruption.

Documentary photographs are a more raw representation of your wedding day. Supporting your intimate memories with loved ones.

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