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Step into a world of timeless charm and nostalgia with our film photography services. We embrace the artistry and authenticity of shooting with photo film, to create stunning visual keepsakes.

Our photographers are passionate about preserving the art of film, specialising in commemorating your moments in aesthetic film photos.

From weddings to portraits, you will be transported to a bygone era, where every frame tells a story that lasts a lifetime.


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Frequently Asked Film Photography Questions

This is the art of shooting image using light-sensitive film, as opposed to digital sensors. It involves loading photo film roll into a camera, exposing it to light, and then processing the film to reveal the photographs.

Often, this style offers a distinct aesthetic, characterised by its grain, colour rendition, and dynamic range.

Photographers take a thoughtful approach, as each frame is limited and precious.

When considering film photo developing, there are a series of steps that transform the exposed film into tangible prints.

This process begins with the use of silver halide light-sensitive films in cameras.

Once the photo has been captured, the films are processed in a dark room. In this dimly lit space, prints are crafted from the developed negatives.

This is achieved by using a remarkable device called an enlarger. The enlarger projects light through the negative, onto light-sensitive silver halide paper. Here the images are brought to life.

During this exposure, the artist has the power to manipulate the image. They can selectively alter and enhance the final composition.

To put it simply, people love the nostalgic factor. The aesthetic film photos are unmatched, making this genre unique and authentic.

Film also produces richer images, displaying an elevated depth that is not found in digital photos.

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