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A picture can speak a thousand words. Through photojournalism, we can piece these words together to form beautiful stories, with reportage photography. Visually documenting news and events is a wonderful way for us all to reflect on history.

Without visual documentation, we would not have such a great insight into social injustices that have inspired the world to change.

We understand the best photojournalism photographers use their creative eyes to tell a story, as writers use pen and paper. Our photographers are skilled in grasping the story and portraying the emotion through still-life images.

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Frequently Asked Photojournalism Questions

Also known as a photo essay, a photo story is the presentation of a story through images.

These can be accompanied with written or verbal narrations or even simple captions. This helps to provide additional context to the images.

However, the main focus relies on the photographs.

The role of photojournalism photographers is similar to reporters. They solely focus on the documentation of stories and key events.

Although it is a form of photography, photography is not necessarily photojournalism.

The photographer has the ability to manipulate the scene, and digitally edit the shots taken - creating the desired effect. However, a photojournalist must look at the scene without causing an obstruction, and find the most effective way to portray what’s happening.

It was the first medium to successfully showcase issues throughout the world to a large-scale audience.

People were enlightened to what’s going on outside of their cities and countries. Communities also found it easier to connect with each other.

This genre has even created platforms for the advertisement industry to reach a new and untouched audience.

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