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Fashion is the most expansive and diverse industry in today’s economy. Through fashion, we fight conformity and discover our authentic identities.

Each one of our photographers has mastered the art of expression – delivering a different vision of fashion photography in their work.

We liaise closely with our clients to gain insight into your brand and find the perfect avenue to represent your business. Showcasing your products through creative fashion photography.


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Frequently Asked Fashion Photography Questions

Editorial Fashion Photography

This form of fashion photography conveys a story through a collection of images. Editorial photography can be found in publications like newspapers, and magazines. Photographers work closely with fashion editors and stylists to develop a theme and create visual works of art. Text usually accompanies the images to enhance the story that they are portraying.

High Fashion Photography

High fashion is typically represented by leading supermodels. Incorporating an unrealistic and exaggerated wardrobe, that wouldn’t usually be found on the High-street.

The models resemble the clothing they wear through abstract poses, extravagant hairstyles, and melodramatic make-up.

You can find this imagery on the front cover of magazines. Therefore, it must hold an air of glamour and appeal.

The right location, lighting and atmosphere are crucial in achieving high fashion photography.

Street Fashion Photography

Street fashion photography involves capturing regular people on the street for more relatable pictures. However, consent may be required, especially for more commercial use photos.

It isn’t just about the clothing. The subject’s expression, confidence and lighting are also considered in this sub-genre.

Catalogue Photography

The focus of catalogue photography is to create visually attractive images that will sell clothing.

Similar to product photography, but with the addition of a model to exhibit the clothes.

Plain and neutral backgrounds are preferred, to highlight the pieces and prevent distractions. Also, minimal accessories and props are also incorporated, to keep the clothing as the main focus.

Firstly, ensure the model feels comfortable and relaxed. Check prior to the shoot if the model requires a closed set. They may be inexperienced or feel shy around other people.

Play music that the model likes to ease any nerves and help them naturally transition between poses.

Think of the objective of the shoot. What do you want to accomplish? What are you trying to convey through your photographs? With these in mind, offer your model plenty of direction to achieve the objective.

Have a posing guide to hand. Tis will help you to cross reference the movements. It also serves as a visual aid for the model, so they can clearly understand your directions.

Encourage the model to move frequently. With every click of the camera, your model should move slightly to create a wider variation of images. The movement may involve just lifting the head slightly, but this will eliminate hundreds of the same image.

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