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Animals come in all shapes and sizes, making them true works of natural art. Every animal has their own personality and unique features that deserve to be celebrated.

Our qualified photographers understand the story that nature has told and tastefully express it through beautiful animal photography.


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Frequently Asked Animal Photography Questions

This genre of photography captures wild and domesticated animals, by showcasing their features and personalities.

It can be broken down into 2 subgenres.

Wildlife photography records animals in their natural habitat. Whereas, domestic animal photography, commonly referred to as pet photography, gives pet owners a lovely keepsake of their four-legged friends.

Yes! Portraits of animals are a very popular feature in the average home. A good animal portrait should accentuate individual characteristics of the subject.

People have been commissioning animal portraits for hundreds of years, beginning with pieces of hand painted art. With today’s technology, it is now more common to capture animals through a camera lens.

Ranging from close up animal photography to abstract animal photography, this style is limitless.

Flash photography does not cause harm to animals. However, it can cause temporary blindness to the nocturnal variety. The exposure to the flash at night can affect an animal’s eyesight for approximately 5-20 minutes.

Although this does not hurt the animal, it can affect how the animal hunts and navigates its surroundings. Therefore, it is more a question of morality.

When using flash photography on animals, you must also consider that some subjects may be spooked by the sudden bright light. They can become distressed and prove to be a difficult challenge for the photographer.

In short, it is always good practice to be considerate and apply caution when using flash photography on animals.

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