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No two events are the same. From corporate black tie, inspiring seminars, red carpet events, festivals, and even networking, we have talented photographers to suit your needs.

We know the secret to outstanding photography comes from working closely with our clients to produce compelling visual stories. Our photographers combine their technical skills, with their creativity to anticipate and capture the essence of each unique event.


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Frequently Asked Events Photography Questions

The art photographing significant moments and emotions throughout various occasions.

The best event photography includes capturing the atmosphere and activities - creating a visual story that transports you back to the event.

From candid shots to posed portraits, these photographers have a knack for finding the perfect angle and lighting.

It all depends on the level of experience and reputation of the photographer, combined with the nature of the event.  On average, professional photographers can charge between £1000 to £1400 for a day booking.

However, prices do fluctuate. For example, you may pay more for glamorous event photography, in comparison to a birthday party.

It is essential to discuss your specific requirements with your photographer and obtain quotes. This will help you gather a more accurate estimate, based on your needs and budget.

Event organisers and photographers should prioritise understanding and following GDPR requirements when obtaining and using personal data during events.

Seeking legal advice is a valuable step to ensure complete compliance with the regulations.

Photographers must:

  • Obtain explicit consent from individuals before capturing and using their photos beyond the event itself.
  • Practice minimisation; shooting only necessary personal data and avoid the collection of excessive or irrelevant information.
  • Securely store and protect the personal data (images) they capture. Ensuring measures are in place to prevent unauthorised access, loss, or damage.


Whereas, event organisers must:

  • Provide clear and concise privacy notices – informing attendees about the presence of photographers and how their photographs will be used, stored, and shared.

Ensure they are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations to avoid potential and legal consequences.

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