Introduction to Smartphone Photography Course

This smartphone photography course is a great starting point for budding photographers who want to progress to DSLR Photography. Grasping the features of your smartphone camera allows you to understand the basics of camera settings, while practising the art of photography.

Whether you’re looking to build a portfolio or take up a new hobby, this course helps you achieve your goal.


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Course Outline
  • Lesson 1: Know your Smartphone

    • Purchasing a new smartphone
    • iPhone features
    • Android features
    • Summary
    • Test
  • Lesson 2: Understanding Light

    • How camera phone’s function
    • Focus, aperture, and shutter
    • Pre-programmed scene settings
    • Summary
    • Test
  • Lesson 3: Composition

    • Auto mode
    • Manual focus
    • Zoom features
    • Contrast and tones
    • Composition techniques
    • Landscape, portrait, and square
    • Summary
    • Test
  • Lesson 4: Perspective

    • How perspective can change an image
    • Holding your phone
    • Using aperture, composition and flash to create different perspectives
    • Summary
    • Test
  • Lesson 5: Shooting

    • Aperture in landscapes
    • Rule of Thirds
    • Using light in landscapes
    • Storytelling
    • Self-portraits
    • Summary
    • Test
  • Lesson 6: Action Shots

    • Shutter speed
    • Burst modes
    • Additional techniques
  • Lesson 7: Editing and Sharing

    • Editing on your device
    • Editing and sharing on your computer
    • Optimise your images for social media
    • Summary
    • Test

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Introduction to Smartphone Photography Course


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