Japan in Spring Photography Tour & Holiday

Witness the tranquillity of the Sakura Cherry Blossom Trees as they bloom in the heart of Japan. Surrounded by gentle hues of pink, this Japan photo tour plays host to an abundance of stunning landscape picture opportunities.

Journeying through iconic landmarks and whimsical scenery, you’ll gather an array of beautiful images for your portfolio. Become fully immersed in Japan’s Rich culture as we visit zen parks, fascinating shrines and indulge in delicious cuisine.

Spend springtime in one of the most peaceful places on Earth, documenting your journey along the way.

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13 Days

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Tour Outline

Please find below a rough schedule outlining the intended tour schedule. However, keep in mind that this may change due to unexpected situations or bad weather.
  • Day 1

    • You’ll arrive in Tokyo and make your way to the hotel.

    • Once everyone has arrived, we will gather in the evening for an orientation.
  • Day 2

    • Day two begins with a leisurely visit to the picturesque Hibiya Park and the Tokyo Imperial Palace Garden.

    • Following this, we continue our journey to Ueno Onshi Park, renowned for its breathtaking cherry blossom Sakura.

    • Time permitting, we’ll also make a stop at the Yanaka Cemetery, adorned with charming cherry blossoms during the spring season.

    • Additionally, we will explore the vibrant Yanaka Ginza area.
    • The afternoon will be at your disposal, providing an opportunity to discover fascinating landmarks such as the Senso-Ji Shrine.

    • As the sun begins to set, we will visit the Meguro River. Capturing the enchanting illumination of the Gotanda and Meguro Sky Garden, adorned with pink lanterns in celebration of the Sakura festival.
  • Day 3

    • We’ll venture from Tokyo to explore the Five Lakes district.

    • Over the course of two days, our focus will be capturing the essence of Japan's renowned Sakura phenomenon.

    • Commencing expedition in the Five Lakes region, we’ll immerse ourselves in the scenic beauty of Lake Yamanaka.

    • If fortunate enough to encounter the early bloom of spring, our next destination will guide us towards the captivating Hananomiyako Park. Here we shall capture the picturesque Daimon-Bashi bridge, adorned by Sakura blossoms.

    • The highlight of our day will be devoted to capturing the impressive sunset views from the revered Arakuren Sengren Shrine.
  • Day 4

    • Day four, we will wake up early to shoot the sunrise of Mt. Fuji.

    • Once we have soaked in the incredible view, we will make our way back to the hotel for breakfast.

    • We will then spend the remainder of the morning at Lake Kawaguchiko.

    • Our next stop will be the Kogamasao Memorial Park. Here, we will be enchanted by the picturesque sights of Mt. Fuji framed by delicate cherry blossoms.

    • Our journey continues to the Kubota Itchiku Art Museum. An institution devoted to preserving the ancient art of Tsujigahana silk dyeing.
    Afterwards we will visit Oishi Park, where we will enjoy lunch.

    • If we are fortunate and the shibazakura have blossomed, we may decide to extend our visit to Fujigane.

    • As the afternoon progresses, we will head to Saiko Iyashi no Santo, a charming traditional village with thatched roofs.

    • In the event of rain, we may alter our plans and visit the Ide Sake Brewery instead. This experience will allow us to delve into the traditional craft of producing Japan's beloved alcoholic beverage.
  • Day 5

    • On day five our destination is Shizuoka, from where we shall embark on a journey to Kyoto using the renowned Shinkansen. Kyoto, an ancient Imperial capital, boasts an impressive collection of over 1,600 temples.

    • After checking in at the hotel, we shall dedicate the remaining hours of the afternoon to leisurely strolling along the Philosopher's Path. This charming path runs alongside a narrow canal, adorned with beautiful cherry blossoms.

    • As the evening approaches, we will make our way to the mountainside Kiyomizua-dera temple to capture the magnificent golden hour.

    • Our journey to and from the temple will take us through the historic Ninenzaka area. Featuring women dressed in traditional kimonos, wooden shops adorned with lanterns, and even the occasional sighting of rickshaws.
  • Day 6

    • Waking early, we’ll visit the enchanting bamboo forest of Arashiyama.
    • Following this delightful experience, we shall make our way back to the hotel for breakfast.
    • We will then journey to the Nishijin district and pay a visit to the esteemed Orinakusan weaving house. This experience allows us to document the meticulous craftsmanship involved in the creation of traditional silk costumes.
    • During the afternoon, we shall return to the Ninenzaka area, where an exclusive tea ceremony awaits us.
    • Feel free to leisurely explore the charming streets of Ninenzaka and immerse yourself in the captivating wonders of Kyoto.
  • Day 7

    • On day seven we will visit the Fushimi-Inari shrine, in the early morning.
    • Afterwards, we shall capture some beautiful portraits of a maiko, in Maruyama Park.
    • As night falls, we will make our way to the enchanting Gion district, illuminated by lanterns.
    • To conclude the day, our group will attend a traditional Japanese dinner in the company of a geisha.
  • Day 8

    • We’ll rise early and set our course towards Seki, the renowned hub of samurai sword production in Japan.
    • Upon arrival, we’ll be granted exclusive access to the esteemed Kajita-Token swordsmith studio in Tomika, for a private photography session.
    • In the evening will we visit the city of Takayama. Immersed in its charm, we shall wander through the enchanting streets of this photogenic district before sojourning at a luxurious resort hotel nearby.
  • Day 9

    • Today, our focus will be on capturing the beauty of Matsumoto's famous Crow Castle. The blooming cherry blossoms create a striking backdrop for our photos.
    • Afterward, we will embark on a journey through the breathtaking Japanese Alps, ultimately arriving at the enchanting Shibu Onsen.
    • The remainder of the afternoon is yours to enjoy as you please.
  • Day 10

    • We will wake up ahead of schedule to embark on a visit to the Jigokudaki "Snow Monkey Park". Here we will capture the renowned snow monkeys, that take pleasure in immersing themselves in the natural hot springs.
    • Next, we will start our full-day drive towards Nikko. Opting for a scenic route that will lead us through the Japanese Alps, passing through Mt. Shirane and Lake Chuzenji.
    • In the evening we’ll arrive in Nikko for an overnight stay.
  • Day 11

    • In the morning, we will capture the magnificence of Shinkiyo Bridge and the Toshogu complex.
    • Following lunch, we will make our way back to Tokyo, allowing you to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and evening as you please. Take this opportunity to capture the essence of renowned locations like the bustling Shibuya Crossing, known as the busiest pedestrian intersection, worldwide, and the dazzling Shinjuku district. Within the Shinjuku district, don't miss the Godzilla Road or the vibrant Kabukicho red-light district.
  • Day 12

    • We have an exciting start today as an early training routine at a sumo wrestling stable awaits us. Presenting a rare chance to intimately observe and capture the essence of this traditional Japanese sport.
    • The rest of the day is yours to explore. allowing you to choose between a museum, temple, or district of your preference.
    • As the day concludes, we will gather to appreciate a slideshow of everyone's favourite images. Finishing with a final dinner aboard a yakatabune long-boat adorned with vibrant red lanterns.
  • Day 13

    • On our last morning, we’ll rise early for one last sunrise shoot.
    • Afterwards, we will depart our hotel and journey to the airport.
    • We shall bid farewell to each other and board our respected flights home.

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Japan in Spring Photography Tour & Holiday

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