Route 66 Photography Holiday & Tour

Join us on an exhilarating eight-day landscape photography tours along the legendary Route 66. Immersing yourself in the captivating landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture of America.

This extraordinary journey invites passionate photographers and adventurers alike to capture the essence of this iconic highway. Weaving through stunning vistas, quaint towns, and timeless landmarks. Led by our professional photographers, this tour offers a unique blend of expert guidance and creative freedom.

From the sun-kissed deserts to the bustling cityscapes, prepare for an unforgettable voyage filled with breathtaking moments and lifelong memories.

Please note that at certain times, we may deviate from the Route 66 path. Visiting places such as Santa Fe, Lake Arrowhead, and potentially the Grand Canyon if time permits.


United States of America


8 Days

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Tour Outline

Please find below a rough schedule outlining the intended tour schedule. However, keep in mind that this may change due to unexpected situations or bad weather.
  • Day 1

    • Upon arrival, you’ll make your way from the airport to our meeting point in Amarillo, Texas.

    • During this meeting, we will explore the goals, subjects, styles, and techniques of our group.

    • After enjoying a satisfying lunch, we will embark on a photography session at the renowned Cadillac Ranch.

    • Following that, we will continue our journey westward. Venturing into the captivating town of Vega, Texas, alongside various ghost towns scattered across the landscape of New Mexico.

    • As the sun begins to set, we will find ourselves in Tucumcari.

    • Here we’ll capture the nostalgic charm of our vintage hotel through the lens of our cameras.
  • Day 2

    • Day two we’ll rise early and head west on Route 66.

    • After Santa Rosa, we make our way to Cline’s Corners. A well-known landmark that has been serving as a gas station and souvenir shop since 1934.

    • In the late afternoon, we reach Albuquerque, New Mexico, taking the opportunity to explore the renowned section of Route 66.

    • Upon evening, we’ll set our course North to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    • Here we’ll stay for the next two nights.
  • Day 3

    • During our stay in Santa Fe, our first stop will be the Loretto Chapel. Conveniently located near the Plaza.

    • This renowned church draws inspiration from the iconic Saint Chappelle in Paris.

    • Additionally, the St. Francis Cathedral, a prominent landmark in Santa Fe, is situated nearby.

    • To conclude our exploration of the plaza, we take a leisurely walk along Canyon Road.

    • Afterwards, we shall venture towards the Embudo Gas Museum. A fascinating attraction featuring antique cars and gas station memorabilia.

    • As night falls, we’ll embrace the enchanting atmosphere of Santa Fe.
  • Day 4

    • Day four takes us southwest towards Albuquerque, NM, before heading west into Arizona.

    • Along the way, we’ll encounter the occasional ghost town until we reach Gallup, New Mexico.

    • This western frontier town embodies the classic image of saloons, false store fronts, wooden sidewalks, and a single road parallel to the railroad tracks.

    • Nearby lies the ancient Puebloans White House Ruin in the Canyon de Chelly National Monument.

    • As we venture into Arizona, we are greeted by the breathtaking landscapes of the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest.

    • Our next destination is none other than Winslow, Arizona.

    • Continuing our journey westward, approximately thirty miles east of Flagstaff, we’ll stumble upon the historic ghost town of Two Guns.

    • We’ll spend the night in Flagstaff, where we’ll get familiar with this intriguing area.
  • Day 5

    • After breakfast, we’ll set our course towards the western direction, reaching the quaint towns of Ash Fork and Seligman.

    • Later, a visit to this diminutive metropolis takes us on a nostalgic journey through time.

    • Here we’ll capture sights of cattle ranching, truck drivers, and iconic symbols of the Mother Road coexisting in peculiar harmony.

    • Of course, we cannot miss the opportunity to capture a photograph of The Rusty Bolt.

    • As the evening approaches, we finally arrive at our destination, Kingman.
  • Day 6

    • Making our way from Arizona into California, we journey towards Cajon Pass. Dividing the San Gabriel Mountains from the San Bernardino Mountains.

    • Continuing our exploration, we will encounter various ghost towns and small communities, including the distinguished village of Oatman.

    • As we proceed south of Mojave National Park, we will encounter additional small towns such as Amboy.

    • Making our way further south after Barstow, we eventually reach San Bernardino.
  • Day 7

    • After enjoying breakfast, we will start our journey on the last full day.

    • We will navigate through the streets of San Bernardino, Pasadena, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and ultimately, Santa Monica, California.

    • Offering plenty of intriguing spots to capture photos during our drive.

    • In the afternoon, we will reach our hotel in Santa Monica, where we can take a break before indulging in our farewell dinner.
  • Day 8

    • Our photo adventure will end with a final group discussion followed by reviewing our favourite photos.

    • Afterward, we will exchange contact information and bid each other farewell on our last day.

    • We encourage you to prolong your time in Santa Monica or any other part of California.

    • Then you can fully utilise all the valuable knowledge and experiences gained during our photo adventure!

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Route 66 Photography Holiday & Tour

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