Kangaroo Island Photography Trip & Holiday

Join us on an extraordinary Kangaroo Island Photography Tour, where incredible wildlife encounters and breathtaking landscapes await.

Embark on two private boat charters along the island’s stunning coastline. Capturing remarkable photographs while snorkelling alongside wild dolphins and sea lions.

Experience the magic of Seal Bay after tourist hours, as you photograph dozens of sea lions in the enchanting evening lighting.

Immerse yourself in the world of captivating birds, including wedge-tailed eagles, owls, and falcons, at a private free-flight bird show.

Explore the mesmerising Kelly Hill Caves, adorned with stalactites, and indulge in light-painting in enchanting caves. Witness the sunrise at Duck Lagoon, where swans, koalas, galahs, blue wrens, come alive in the misty ambiance.

Join us on this kangaroo island tours adventure, where photography and nature blend seamlessly for an experience of a lifetime!


Kangaroo Island, Australia


6 Days

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Tour Outline

Please find below a rough schedule outlining the intended tour schedule. However, keep in mind that this may change due to unexpected situations or bad weather.
  • Day 1

    • Your photo guide will be waiting for you at Adelaide Airport.

    • In the afternoon, your flight (which is already included and reserved) will depart from Adelaide to kangaroo Island.

    • Just 15 minutes into the flight, it will begin its descent towards Kangaroo Island, reaching Kingscote in no time!

    • Upon arrival, we’ll hop into our tour minibus and make our way to our accommodation for the next two nights.

    • After settling in, we will provide a crash-course/refresher in photography.

    • Followed by a pleasant evening of getting to know each other and relaxing with some incredible local Kangaroo Island cuisine.
  • Day 2

    • Day two begins with an early rise as we visit Duck Lagoon. Known for its stunning sunrise views!

    • As the dawn breaks, you'll witness the lagoon coming to life. You'll have plenty of opportunities to capture magical shots, with wooden bird hides offering a unique perspective along the shore.

    • Afterward, it's time to head back to our accommodation for breakfast.

    • Next on our itinerary is an exceptional photography experience with Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures. We will arrange a private boat tour with a twist. This is an opportunity to visit breathtaking locations, observe sea lions and various bird species, and hopefully wild dolphins.

    • Afterward, we'll hop back into the minibus. Returning to our Lodge for a tutorial on organising and perfecting your photos using Adobe Lightroom.

    • Following an early dinner, we'll venture out to the remote and beautiful Pennington Bay. Here, you'll have the chance to explore the rocks and capture breathtaking images of the headlands and the
    crashing waves.

    • Afterwards, you can either retire to the lodge or staying with your guide to capture mesmerising star trail photos.
  • Day 3

    • As day three dawns we’ll rise early to embark on our venture to capture an exquisite sunrise aboard our private minibus.

    • After our morning shoot, we’ll retreat to our lodge for breakfast. Packing our belongings, and completing the checkout process.

    • Next stop is the Stokes Bay Bush Garden, a sprawling three-hectare oasis teeming with a myriad of fascinating plant species. This extraordinary collection of flora provides an ideal setting for exploring through the lens of a macro camera.

    • We will then venture back and navigate through a hidden fissure in the rocks, uncovering a secluded beach perfect for capturing more intimate shots.

    • Promptly thereafter, we’ll board the minibus and set our course towards the southwest region of Kangaroo Island.

    • Our next stop, Raptor Domain, offers an exclusive opportunity to witness a captivating free-flight bird display.

    • The journey continues towards Seal Bay, where we have arranged yet another extraordinary experience. Once the beach is closed to the general crowd, we will be escorted by a personal park ranger onto the sandy shores.

    • Here, we will have the privilege of immersing ourselves in an up-close and intimate encounter with numerous sea lions.

    • Our accommodation for the next two nights resides in charming coastal village of Vivonne Bay.
  • Day 4

    • Another early start on day as we all board the minibus and embark on a brief 10-minute drive to Vivonne Bay wharf.

    • Our objective is to capture the picturesque wharf in the morning light, extending out into the azure waters.

    • After breakfast, we will proceed down the road to the Kelly Hill Caves. We have secured exclusive access, accompanied by our own guide, to indulge in a photoshoot beneath the surface. Avoiding the regular tour groups before they trail through.

    • We will have the opportunity to experiment with captivating light-painting techniques in complete darkness by turning off all the lights.

    • After returning to the residence in the late morning, we will arrange individual photo sessions. Here we have an opportunity to assess each other's photographs and offer friendly feedback and creative ideas.

    • For lunch, we will relish a delightful meal at the Hanson Bay Cafe.

    • Afterwards, embarking on a leisurely stroll along the local Koala walk, where we are guaranteed to come across some sleepy koalas nestled in the trees.

    • Eventually, we will have to reluctantly tear ourselves away to continue our journey towards the Lighthouse in Flinders Chase National Park.

    • En route, we will take the opportunity to photograph some kangaroos and geese.

    • Additionally, we will visit the renowned rock formation known as Admirals Arch to capture striking silhouette shots.

    • We’ll then proceed towards the iconic rock formation famously referred to as The Remarkables! The photographic opportunities are endless!

    • We will conclude the day with a catered picnic dinner atop the rock itself before retiring for a well-deserved rest.
  • Day 5

    • This morning, the choice is yours - many of you will surely welcome the idea of a slightly more relaxed start to the day. However, some of you early risers may wish to venture out to capture the sunset over the stunning Vivonne Bay.

    • After breakfast, we will pack up and begin our journey northward to Emu Bay.

    • We’ll organise another special boat experience - travelling along the magnificent northern coast to visit a colony of sea lions!

    • As we cruise along the coastline, keep your eyes peeled for sea eagles, peregrine falcons, and wedge-tailed eagles. There’s also the chance of encountering more playful dolphins eager to swim alongside our boat!

    • Before making our way back along this spectacular stretch of coastline, we will find a charming spot to stop for lunch.

    • Then, it's onward to our accommodation for the night.

    • This night, we’ll celebrate the amazing journey we've had.

    • For those who have energy to spare, it might be worth setting up for a star trail observation after dinner!
  • Day 6

    • This morning, your main desire will be to indulge in the comfort of our accommodation.
    • Take advantage of the opportunity to sleep a little longer and appreciate the captivating view before breakfast. However, before long, we will need to prepare for our departure to Kingscote.
    • We will gladly accompany you to the airport where you will board your flight back to the lively atmosphere of Adelaide.

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Kangaroo Island Photography Trip & Holiday

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