Jaguars of Pantanal Photography Trip & Holiday

Embark on our awe-inspiring wildlife photography holidays and journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Pantanal, Brazil. Capturing exceptional wildlife and Jaguar Photos. Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting beauty of this remarkable region, renowned as one of the world’s most biodiverse habitats.

Our adventure takes you along the iconic Transpantaneira Highway, a gateway to an extraordinary ecosystem, teeming with unparalleled wildlife diversity.

An array of elusive and remarkable birds and mammals will reveal themselves, as we traverse this vast expanse. Presenting you with countless opportunities to capture their essence through your lens.

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Pantanal. Where jaguars roam freely, and the skies are painted with the vibrant colours of exotic birds.

These small group photography tours promise to provide truly unforgettable experiences.

Get ready to witness the untamed beauty of Pantanal and create lasting memories with each click of your camera!


Pantanal, Brazil


13 Days

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Tour Outline

Please find below a rough schedule outlining the intended tour schedule. However, keep in mind that this may change due to unexpected situations or bad weather.
  • Day 1

    • Departing from your chosen airport, you’ll head off on an overnight flight.
  • Day 2

    • You’ll arrive in Cuiabá and make your way to our hotel. Here you’ll meet you group as you indulge in a luxurious dinner.
  • Day 3

    • Day three begins on the Transpantaneira Highway, in search of unique mammals and bird species that inhabit Pantanal.

    • Along the way, we’ll capture awe-inspiring photographs of countless wading birds. These include the majestic jabiru, American wood storks, and magnificent great egrets, as they gather in massive groups.

    • As night falls, we find refuge at our lodge nestled beside the Rio Claro.
  • Day 4

    • Day four we’ll explore neighbouring privately owned estates, housing a remarkable assortment of picturesque avian species and aquatic birds.

    • Additionally, a portion of our time is dedicated to seeking out captivating mammals for some stunning wildlife photography. Allowing us to encounter docile brown capuchin monkeys, who willingly approach us for their beloved servings of bananas.

    • We’ll also see adorable black-tailed marmosets, anteaters, as well as marsh deer and tapirs, considered to be uncommon sightings.
  • Day 5

    • Today, we embark on a journey towards the southern expanses of the Pantanal region.

    • As we delve deeper into its core, the wetlands gradually transform into more expansive and accessible landscapes.

    • Our path leads us through diverse marshes and forested areas, ultimately guiding us to Porto Jofre, where our cozy lodge awaits.

    • In the afternoon, we will capture the beauty of both the hyacinth macaws and the majestic Victoria Amazonica water lilies.
  • Day 6 - 10

    • Each morning, we’ll set off on a speedboat journey along the Rio Cuiabá and its tributaries. This allows us to enter the expansive domain of the majestic jaguars.

    • Our accommodation is in a comfortable hotel with ample space. Conveniently positioned adjacent to the Cuiabá River in the heartland of the jaguar kingdom.

    • It is not uncommon to spot jaguars within a mere 10 minutes of our hotel!

    • Equipped with speedboats, we’ll navigate the river in search of prime opportunities to capture breathtaking images of the big cats.

    • We may even capture the endangered giant otters and a remarkable array of other wildlife species.
  • Day 11

    • On day eleven we’ll venture north along Transpantaneira. traversing vast expanses of open savannahs and wetlands with scattered forest enclaves.

    • Capturing memorable photographs along the way. This region is teeming with an abundance of Yacare caiman.

    • Come nightfall, we conclude our shoot for the day then make our way to our accommodation for the evening.
  • Day 12

    • We begin our penultimate day at Rio Bento Gomes.

    • As we venture into this captivating area, we’re greeted by a diverse range of lakes, ponds, and their corresponding habitats.

    • We’ll take the opportunity and immerse ourselves in the search for hyacinth macaws.

    • We’ll also seek out toco toucans, ferruginous pygmy owls, parrots, and an array of both land and water birds.

    • Without a doubt, this location holds true magnificence for those passionate about bird photography!
  • Day 13

    • Unfortunately, our remarkable journey has come to an end.

    • We’ll share our contact information over breakfast, before checking out.

    • We’ll arrive in Cuiabá early in the morning. Allowing us ample time to catch connecting flights to São Paulo or Brasilia in the afternoon.

    • Then returning home in the evening.

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Jaguars of Pantanal Photography Trip & Holiday

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