Dubai Cityscape Photography Tour & Holiday Experience

Learn photography skills in one of the most remarkable cities in the world! Our Dubai photo tour invites beginners, amateurs, semi-pros, and enthusiasts to develop your skills on a journey of a lifetime.

Over 4 actioned packed days, you’ll adventure through Dubai, collecting an impressive array of photographs. Capturing the impressive cityscapes this mesmerising land has to offer. Under the guidance of our experienced photographers, you’ll develop the skills to take you photography to new heights.

Explore the world’s tallest building, Dubai Marina, the Bastakiya Historical District, Ras AI Khor Wildlife Sanctuary and much more!

You’ll also have the opportunity to travel outside of the city on a desert excursion, capturing the majesty of its aviary wildlife.

Get ready to create a stunning visual narrative that will forever etch the memories of this remarkable adventure!




4 Days

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Tour Outline

Please find below a rough schedule outlining the intended tour schedule. However, keep in mind that this may change due to unexpected situations or bad weather.
  • Day 1

    • Upon arrival, we convene at our hotel during the late morning.

    • Following introductions, we embark on a visit to the Bastakiya Historical District. Located near Dubai Creek, this historic area offers a glimpse into the past amidst the futuristic, modern cityscape.

    • Exploring the Al Fahidi historical neighborhood serves as an ideal introduction to both Dubai's rich heritage and its remarkable advancements.

    • Our next stop takes us to Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world, soaring above the city at an awe-inspiring height of 2,716 feet and comprising 200 stories.

    • As we wander through the surrounding gardens and fountains, we capture remarkable photographs of the iconic structure.

    • Continuing into the evening, the setting sun guides us to the top floor of a neighbouring building. Here we’ll have the opportunity to capture a breathtaking cityscape panorama.
    • To conclude the day, we’ll dine at one of our preferred restaurants in Dubai.
  • Day 2

    • We’ll begin day two with a sunrise session at Burj Al Arab. This iconic hotel boasts a distinctive design resembling the captivating sail of a ship. Its architectural marvel has made it a sought-after subject for countless photographs in Dubai.

    • After breakfast we’ll take a leisurely stroll along Dubai Marina. An enchanting urban landscape enveloped by an impressive array of contemporary skyscrapers. Don't forget to bring your wide and ultra-wide lenses to capture the grandeur of this scenery.

    • In the afternoon, we shall explore the exquisite Jumeirah Mosque, a cherished Dubai landmark renowned for its incomparable beauty. A magnificent structure that offers ample opportunities for capturing awe-inspiring architectural details through the lens.

    • As the sun sets, we will dine at BoxPark. Here the dynamic and trendy urban ambiance offers a wealth of street photography prospects for the discerning eye.
  • Day 3

    • Starting off with an early rise as we embark on our day's journey. Commencing with a Jeep pickup to transport us to the desert.

    • We will be greeted by a Desert Falconry Expert, accompanied by a splendid array of falcons, a hawk, and owls. Seizing the opportunity to capture stunning photographic moments.

    • As the morning progresses, we shall conclude our desert experience and return to Dubai.

    • Following lunch, we shall venture to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. Here, a multitude of captivating sights awaits us! Including over 500 flamingos and an astonishing 20,000 birds, representing 67 diverse species.

    • During the afternoon, we’ll relaxation at our hotel.

    • Followed by an unforgettable Farewell Dinner in the evening.
  • Day 4

    • We’ll say our goodbyes and exchange contact details, during a delightful breakfast. Going through our collection of photographs from this remarkable tour.

    • We strongly urge you to prolong your time in the Middle East, or any other destination. Putting your knowledge and experiences gained from our photographic expedition to the test!

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Dubai Cityscape Photography Tour & Holiday Experience

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