Bisti Badlands, New Mexico Photography Tour

Our thrilling landscape photo tours will take us through the captivating regions surrounding Shiprock and the Bisti Badlands New Mexico.

Experience the wonders of one of the most peculiar and foreign terrains where your imagination can roam free!

Your group will be accompanied by knowledgeable Navajo Guides to ensure we traverse safely through the reservation lands.

Prepare to be amazed by the strikingly extraordinary Badlands. Boasting peculiar hoodoos, jagged spires, natural arches, fossils, and an assortment of other remarkable features. The extraordinary range of diversity within this area is certain to ignite your creative inspiration!

The timing of our visit is carefully planned to optimise your chances of capturing stunning Milky Way photography. Anticipate engaging in abundant night photography sessions, dependent on clear skies.

To access seldom-explored locations, we will be guided by local Navajo experts. Enabling us to venture off the conventional paths and delve into exceptionally unique areas.

Be ready to acquire new photography techniques and ensure you are equipped to capture a wide variety of desert subjects.

With our small group photography tours, you will receive ample individual attention from our experienced team.


Bisti Badlands, New Mexico


5 Days

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Tour Outline

Please find below a rough schedule outlining the intended tour schedule. However, keep in mind that this may change due to unexpected situations or bad weather.
  • Day 1

    • You’ll arrive in New Mexico and head towards our scheduled meeting point.

    • Followed by a compulsory briefing session for the tour ahead.

    • Covering various techniques and workshops within our itinerary.

    • We will rendezvous with our Navajo Guide to capture the enchanting beauty of the sunset and Milky Way through photography.

    • Our return to town is expected roughly around midnight.
  • Day 2

    • Day two begins with an early rise to capture the beauty of the Badlands at sunrise.

    • With our cameras in hand, we embark on a swift hike of half a mile.

    • We’ll arrive at an area filled with astonishing formations and hoodoos. The otherworldly shapes and spires never fail to captivate the ardent photographer.

    • Once we are satisfied with our shoot, we’ll gather for breakfast before engaging in a post-processing session.

    • After a well-deserved break in the afternoon, we set out once again to chase the perfect sunset shot.

    • With stormy clouds rolling in, we’ll seize the opportunity to capture the mesmerising light and glow!
  • Day 3

    • Once again, we awaken early to witness the alluring golden light in a different region of the Badlands.

    • An abundance of opportunities for exploration and photography awaits us here!

    • Upon our return to town, we engage in a session of post-processing and critique, examining the images we have captured.

    • In the middle of the afternoon, accompanied by our knowledgeable local guide, we embark on a journey through the Navajo reservation. Seeking a collection of exceptionally distinctive rock formations.

    • As darkness falls, we’ll gather at our preferred formations, aiming to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the Milky Way.
  • Day 4

    • Weather depending, we’ll make the choice to venture back to our chosen location within the Badlands during the day.

    • Subsequently, we’ll proceed back to our accommodations to engage in a constructive evaluation of our captured images.

    • We’ll participate in a session dedicated to enhancing their quality through post-processing techniques.

    • Following a satisfying meal and a brief intermission to rest, we’ll embark on our evening photography expedition during sunset.

    • Should the skies remain unobstructed by clouds, we will extend our outing to photograph the breathtaking Milky Way.
  • Day 5

    • On our last day, we’ll rise early to witnessing the monolithic marvel of Shiprock at sunrise.

    • After a hearty breakfast, we sadly bid farewell to our newfound companions.

    • The workshop will come to an end at 10am, giving you the opportunity to arrange your departure accordingly.

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Bisti Badlands, New Mexico Photography Tour

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